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San Bernardino Personal Injury Attorney

Injured in an accident? What to do next!

Thousands of Americans are injured in accidents every day. There are numerous types of accidents that cause injury, with motor vehicle accidents being the leading cause. Workplace accidents, medical malpractice cases and injuries caused by defective products all add to those victimized by the negligence of others. When you have suffered a loss in any type of accident, contacting a San Bernardino personal injury attorney should be one of the main steps you take to preserve your rights.

The Accident Lawyersis a leading proponent of victim's rights for those who have been harmed by people who failed to responsibly perform as drivers, medical providers or manufacturers of products. No one should have to suffer needlessly due to another's negligence, but when an accident has happened to you, turning to someone with 35 years of collective experience can go far towards helping you obtain the compensation you need in order to recover from your injuries. Whether you have been in a car accident or a construction accident, you could be the victim of catastrophic injuries such as brain damage, spinal cord injuries, paralysis, burn injuries or even death. Let us work tirelessly to investigate your claim and pursue recovery of damages on your behalf.

Personal Injury Lawyer in San Bernardino, California

You should never go it alone when you have been injured. Insurance companies notoriously take advantage of uninformed consumers by trying to settle a claim for as little as possible. Many people suffer injuries that may have ramifications for months or years to come and have no idea how to put a value on their losses. With our expertise in having helped numerous clients to successfully obtain compensation, you can count on our firm to fully document every aspect of your claim.

Some of the cases we have represented clients for include but are not limited to motorcycle accidents, truck accident caused by a tired driver, accidents and pedestrian accidents. At our firm, we are also able to assist client who have recently been victimized in a drunk driving accidents, who have a loved who has suffered from nursing home abuse, are seeking their deserved benefits under workers' compensation or were involved in a preventable slip and fall. We know the complexities surrounding personal injury claims and will never be daunted or deterred by difficult circumstances.

Slip and Fall Accidents
It's easy to lose your footing if you are not paying attention to where you're going, but there are plenty of cases where a perfectly careful pedestrian, shopper or customer is injured in a slip and fall accident that was caused by a property owner's negligence. Like other personal injury claims, these cases come down to proving that the property owner did something or failed to do something and that this resulted in a failure to provide proper care in the circumstances. A retail store manager, for example, should immediately clean up a spill or should place a warning sign that informs shoppers of the potential hazard. Failing to act in a timely manner may be considered negligence if a shopper slipped and was injured on this wet floor. Our firm provides experienced counsel to victims of slip and fall accidents and all other types of accidents in and around the San Bernardino area. Click here to read more about slip and fall cases.

Why hire a personal injury attorney from our firm?

Should you choose to work with our legal team, it won't matter if you suffered from a accident injury, dog bite, rollover accident, birth injury, defective drug, mesothelioma caused by toxic exposure or if you are facing a case involving automotive product liability, you will be able to breathe easier knowing that you will have a heavyweight advocate on your side who is unafraid of taking on the big dogs. We have seen time and time again how profit hungry insurance companies can push the undeserving to the wayside all in the name of money, and we are dedicated to ensuring that will never occur. Should you work with our firm, we will fight tooth and nail to give you the best chance possible at a successful verdict.

Choose the right firm for the job; call us today for your free initial consultation. We are ready to aggressively represent you to recover medical costs, future medical care, lost wages, property damage as well as pain and suffering. We know that flat or generic advice simply won't cut it and we will never be content to provide you with something of this nature. Instead, we will evaluate your case and craft a tailor-made strategy that will deal with your situation in a personal and dedicated manner.

When the going is tough, you need a lawyer who will be willing to get tough back. Contact our firm as soon as possible and experience the difference that having a knowledgeable lawyer can make. We know the ins and outs of the personal injury claim process and we will be by your side every step of the way to provide you with the comprehensive care that you deserve. You will be able to trust in our ability to protect your legal rights.

Contact a San Bernardino personal injury attorney when injured in an accident caused by someone else's negligence.

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