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San Bernardino Birth Injury Attorney

Common Causes of Birth Injuries

Most doctors and other medical practitioners are well-trained and have good intentions towards their patients. Nevertheless, mistakes do happen in certain birth situations. When they do, a birth injury can be the unfortunate result. During the birth process various situations can arise, which if not predicted and handled correctly, can lead to an injury to your newborn. Commonly, an injury to a newborn is caused by the extreme pressure on the baby as it passes through the birth canal. If improper or rushed medical procedures are used, the injury can have permanent effects on your baby. At the Pacific Attorney Group, we want to ensure that your baby will be properly taken care of in the event of a severe birth injury, brought about by medical malpractice.

Common severe birth injuries are cerebral palsy, facial paralysis and brachial plexus injury. Brachial plexus injury is a weakness or paralysis to the arm. It is brought about when the nerves around the shoulder are stretched during birth. It can be caused by pulling on the shoulder or arm, in a manner that is too strenuous for the body to withstand. It is also the result of excessive pressure put on the shoulders, when a breech delivery occurs. This sort of injury can range from stretching of the nerves, to a rupture of the nerves and, in extreme cases, a nerve root can be torn out of the spinal cord. 

The use of forceps during birth, or pressure on the facial nerves, can bring about facial paralysis. If the nerves are torn, surgery may be necessary to remedy the condition. Cerebral palsy is a form of brain damage and is a chronic disorder. A baby left in the birth canal for too long a time period, improper use of forceps and other mistakes can all bring this condition about. Lack of blood flow and oxygen to the brain during the birth process are conditions that can frequently be avoided with proper medical attention and care. A competent San Bernardino personal injury lawyer can work with you towards the goal of proper compensation for birth injuries caused by medical malpractice.

Compensation for Birth Injuries

Many birth injuries could have been avoided or the severity lessened. Although doctors and nurses are trained in the detection and care of emergency delivery situations, the lessons learned are not always applied. Sometimes this is caused by the pressure of the situation. At times, efforts are made to take what is considered the most "cost-effective" course for the hospital. No matter what the cause, the result is a birth injury and this is an intolerable situation. Surgery, handling of illnesses, therapy, attendant care and other costly measures may be required for the health and comfort of your child. We strongly feel that those responsible for the injury should be held accountable for their actions.

Contact a San Bernardino birth injury attorney when an injury has occurred due to medical malpractice or negligence.


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