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San Bernardino Car Accident Statistics
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San Bernardino Car Accident Statistics

A Look at Traffic Accidents in San Bernardino, California and the U.S.

In trying to gain a better understanding of auto accidents and their true physical, emotional and financial impact, it is helpful to look at statistics. Reviewing individual figures and trends can help provide insight regarding accident frequency, how many lives are impacted and the leading causes of collisions. Our San Bernardino car accident attorneys have compiled facts and figures from the California Highway Patrol (CHP) and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) to shed light on traffic accidents in San Bernardino, California and the United States as a whole.

According to the CHP's Statewide Integrated Traffic Records System for 2011:

  • There were 2,628 fatal traffic accidents in California , resulting in 2,835 deaths.
  • There were 159,115 injury accidents in California, causing 225,602 injuries.
  • There were 209 fatal accidents in San Bernardino County and 19 fatal accidents in the City of San Bernardino.
  • There were 7,671 injury accidents in San Bernardino County and 888 injury accidents in the City of San Bernardino.
  • 37.8% of fatal auto accidents and 11.5% of injury accidents in San Bernardino County were considered "alcohol involved," meaning a driver had a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of .08% or greater.
  • Pedestrian accidents accounted for 21.5% of fatal accidents and only 5.1% of injury accidents in San Bernardino County, indicating an increased risk of fatal injuries for pedestrians involved in traffic collisions.
  • Motorcycle accidents accounted for 17.7% of fatal accidents and 6.4% of injury accidents in San Bernardino County, also indicating an increased risk of death in these specific collisions.

According to nationwide traffic accident statistics for 2012 from NHTSA:

  • There were more than 5.6 million police-reported traffic accidents in the U.S. These collisions left more than 2.3 million people injured.
  • 33,561 people were killed in traffic accidents, an increase of 3.3% (and the first increase after 6 consecutive years of declines).
  • Traffic fatalities occurred slightly more frequently in rural areas than in urban areas, with 54% of fatalities in rural collisions and 46% in urban collisions.
  • 31% of traffic fatalities occurred in accidents involving a driver with a BAC of .08% or greater. 65% of the people killed in these accidents were the drunk drivers. Passengers of drunk drivers accounted for 16% of fatalities, occupants of other vehicles accounted for 11% of fatalities and non-occupants (pedestrians and bicyclists) accounted for 8% of fatalities.
  • Truck accident fatalities in the U.S. increased by 4% from 2011 to 2012, from 3,781 to 3,921. The majority of people killed in truck accidents were occupants of other vehicles (73%). Truck occupants accounted for 18% of truck accident fatalities and non-occupants accounted for 10% of fatalities.

Why You Need a San Bernardino Car Accident Lawyer

If you have been involved in a serious auto accident, there are many ways a San Bernardino car accident lawyer may be able to help you. The cause of your accident may be in question, along with liability (legal responsibility). You may have run into problems securing a fair settlement offer from the insurance company, or maybe you have found that the other driver is trying to blame you for causing the crash. A lawyer can protect your interests, putting your needs first and asserting your legal rights so you have the best opportunity at seeking a positive case result.

Rebuilding after a car accident is not easy, but with financial support for medical bills, lost wages and other losses or expenses, you will have a distinct advantage. Holding a negligent driver or other responsible party accountable can also bring you some peace of mind during this difficult time. To learn more, contact Pacific Attorney Group.


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