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San Bernardino Catastrophic Injury Lawyer

Lawyer Aiding the Victims of Catastrophic Injuries

Accidents of all types happen regularly in our area, but none should be taken lightly. When they happen to you or a loved one, the consequences can be far more devastating than are first imagined. This is particularly true in the case of a catastrophic injury. When injuries resulting from an accident are permanent or require long-term treatment, this can bring about a drastic change in the lifestyle of the victim. It can also greatly affect the family members and their activities.

At the Pacific Attorney Group, we feel the first and primary concern in a catastrophic injury case should be for the medical care of the victim. Beyond that, however, there are many issues that will need to be addressed. These matters encompass the long-term treatment and care of the individual involved in the accident. They can also include seeing that the family members affected are properly taken care of. Other accidents do cause pain and suffering, but may not significantly affect the lifestyle of the victim. A catastrophic injury has severe and permanent consequences that require financial, legal and medical attention. A San Bernardino personal injury attorney, with experience in these types of cases may be able to obtain the compensation that is vitally needed.

The Need for Fair Compensation

Catastrophic injuries can include paralysis, organ damage, severe burn injuries, back injuries, spinal cord injuries and brain damage. The results can be life changing - you may be facing current medical bills and future long-term medical care and treatment. Lost wages will need to be recovered and compensation for a life-long inability to work may be needed. We believe that your pain and suffering and that of your family should be fairly compensated as well.

In a catastrophic injury case, the extent of the injuries and their impact on lives can result in very high damages being awarded. It is common for these cases to have to be settled in a court of law, not in negotiation with an insurance company. This is one of the areas where we would like to be of service to you. An insurance company is not necessarily going to want to pay out the damages that should be awarded. They may want to contest and battle your claim the entire way. Catastrophic injury victims and their families can suffer great physical and mental trauma. Such a situation demands just compensation, which our legal team can professionally assist you with. 

Contact a San Bernardino catastrophic injury lawyer when you or a loved one have been the victim of a catastrophic injury and would like competent legal assistance.


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