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San Bernardino Paralysis Attorney

Have you been paralyzed in an accident?

A person who was active and involved one day can have their life changed forever, caused by the negligence of another. Paralysis is the complete loss of muscle function in one or more muscles of the body. At times, loss of motor control is accompanied by sensory functions disappearing as well. Such injuries can be devastating to the victims and their families. This is where a caring and compassionate San Bernardino personal injury attorney can greatly assist in pursuing just compensation for those who have suffered such a traumatic injury.

If the injury is severe, the results can be permanent. Paralysis can be localized to one area of the body or a limb. It can also be more generalized throughout the body. Paraplegia is a type of paralysis which affects the lower limbs of the body, while quadriplegia affects all limbs. A severe spinal cord injury can lead to paralysis. At the Pacific Attorney Group, our experience has shown us that victims of an accident resulting in paralysis can experience dramatic changes in their lives. While our actions may not restore a paralysis victim to full health, our goal is to help provide you with the compensation that can bring you the best medical care and treatment that we can.  

Fair Compensation for San Bernardino Paralysis Victims

An essential element to a successful outcome in any personal injury case is thorough investigation as to the facts and causes for the injury. Physical evidence, law enforcement reports, witness statements and other data must be collected and analyzed. Sometimes insurance companies are unwilling to pay the full compensation that you will need. We want you to have someone on your side, fighting hard for your rights. The key is to find and document the true cause of your injury and in that manner pursue those responsible.

You may have mounting medical costs that require immediate attention. Future medical costs, including long-term care and possible rehabilitation need to be considered. If your paralysis has made you unable to work, current and future loss of wages deserve to be compensated. In some cases, your pain and suffering can be compensated as well. Many victims of paralysis worry that their families will not be properly looked after. Allow us to work towards the goal of a successful outcome in your case, to assist you and your family.

Contact a San Bernardino paralysis lawyer  if you or a loved one have sustained a paralysis injury and would like caring, competent legal help.     


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