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San Bernardino Personal Injury Attorney

Regarding Toxic Exposure and Poisoning

When a substance is eaten, inhaled, injected or absorbed through the skin and causes harm to the body, it is regarded as a poison or toxin. Toxins can be found in the foods that we eat and the medicines that we take. The products that we use at home can contain deadly poisons. They can be in the ground or the air and water.  When taken into the body, these toxins can cause serious illness, injury and death.  

At the Pacific Attorney Group, experience has shown us that toxic poisoning can be the result of negligence or wrongful actions. When this occurs, a San Bernardino personal injury lawyer can be consulted, to assist you in obtaining compensation or damages for the harm that was done. Common toxic exposures include:

  • Pesticides which are used in industrial and home settings
  • Asbestos which are a mineral that occurs in nature and is used in various industrial products
  • Benzene is  a chemical used in paints, glues, plastics, dry cleaning fluids, adhesives and other products
  • Vinyl chloride which is used in everything from carpets, to toys, to vinyl siding
  • Lead is used in paints and other consumer products
  • Mold is also known as "black mold"
  • Defective drugs often cause harmful side effects resulting in large lawsuits against drug companies

Many of these potentially poisonous substances are familiar to us all, and they can be the cause of serious illness and injury. A cancer, mesothelioma, is directly linked to wrongful exposure to asbestos. Individuals who have undergone lengthy exposure to benzene can have potentially deadly illnesses such as lymphoma and leukemia.  Vinyl chloride is a clear, odorless gas. and it is a known carcinogen, which can cause brain cancer and other deadly diseases. Negligence or wrongful acts that cause toxic poisoning can be the basis for lawsuits that seek to right the wrong that was done.

San Bernardino Lawyer for Exposure Lawsuits and Compensation

There are different situations in which a lawsuit can be filed for improper toxic exposure. If someone involved in the manufacture, supply, sale or maintenance of a toxin does not correctly identify and protect consumers from harm, they can be culpable for their actions. When the design or manufacture of a product is defective and this causes poisoning, we feel this deserves just compensation.

Through careful investigation, documentation and presentation of your case, proper compensation for any illness or injury may be obtained. Let our experienced legal firm at Pacific Attorney Group work diligently on your behalf to obtain recovery of damages for you.

Contact a San Bernardino personal injury attorney when toxic exposure and poisoning has brought about illness to you or a loved one.


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