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San Bernardino Truck Accident Attorney

Have you been injured in a commercial truck accident?

If you have been hurt in a truck accident due to the negligence of another, we are here to assist you in seeking the compensation you deserve. We want you to be able to pay for your medical bills and other needs to get your life back on track. If you have put in a claim for injuries, you may have been contacted by an insurance adjuster offering a settlement. You need to be warned that such offers are rarely adequate. You are urged to contact a San Bernardino personal injury attorney at the firm who is experienced in truck accidents to provide insight as to the true value of your claim.

You can also learn about truck accidents by reviewing the information on this website. Several key topics are highlighted below, in alphabetical order:

Cargo and Loading Issues
The cargo a truck carries may influence its maneuverability and the risk of a collision. Overloaded trucks, unbalanced loads and unsecure cargo present serious dangers on California roadways, and trucking companies or drivers may be held accountable.

Commercial Driver Negligence
Commercial drivers, including those who drive semi-trucks, big rigs and tractor-trailers, have an obligation to obey traffic laws and drive in a reasonably safe manner. If they are negligent, they may cause truck accidents that leave others catastrophically injured.

Injuries in Truck Accidents
Who is most likely to be injured in a truck accident? In a multi-vehicle collision involving a large truck, the occupant of the other vehicle is most likely to be injured or killed. 18-wheelers, tanker trucks and other commercial vehicles are immense, causing a considerable amount of damage when they are involved in traffic accidents. This translates to debilitating or even fatal injuries.

Tired Drivers
Truck drivers who attempt to operate vehicles while tired are at an increased risk of causing collisions. Their reaction time, judgment and even vision may be impaired, and they could even fall asleep at the wheel. Find out what to do if a tired driver caused your accident by calling a truck accident lawyer at our firm.

Trucking Company Liability
A trucking company may be held legally responsible, or liable, if its wrongdoing or negligent conduct is the reason behind an accident. Negligent hiring practices, violations of trucking regulations, overloading trucks and general wrongdoing are examples of scenarios where trucking companies may be brought to justice.

Violations of Trucking Regulations
State and federal trucking regulations are meant to protect everyone on the road by reducing the number of accidents, injuries and fatalities involving commercial vehicles. If truck drivers or trucking companies violate these regulations and cause accidents, they may be held accountable.

Causes of Trucking Accidents

There are many causes of truck accidents. Truck drivers are paid by the mile and may be pushed to meet tough delivery targets. As a result, some truck drivers speed or keep driving when they are tired. Some even use drugs to try to stay awake and alert. Naturally, this can translate into accidents. Other causes include poor loading of the trailer creating an unbalanced load, overloading a truck and improperly securing cargo. This can be disastrous, causing the trailer to slide out of control on tight turns or even tip over on tight turns, putting extra stress on truck parts and causing accidents when cargo strikes other vehicles or causes obstacles in the road. Negligent truck maintenance can be another problem, causing brake or steering system failure and other problems with truck parts and systems that cause accidents.

Truck accidents cause incredible amounts of damage that may involve multiple cars. Trucks can jackknife and may sometimes fall over, blocking the road and leaving cars no place to go except to plow into the truck or other cars. Where a truck has jackknifed across a road, some cars underride the trailer with the passenger section of the car literally sheared off. Resulting injuries may be catastrophic or fatal.

Contact a Truck Accident Lawyer at Our San Bernardino Firm

If you are recovering from your injuries caused in a truck accident, it can be understood that getting involved in legal matters may be far from your mind. It is important, however, to take your first step for compensation. Your attorney needs to be on the ground investigating the accident and contacting witnesses to achieve the best possible results for your case. Take your first step now by contacting an attorney at Pacific Attorney Group for a free consultation. There are no legal fees until a recovery is made. Contact a San Bernardino truck accident attorney at our firm today.


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